Why The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are not too violent for TV

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There is an ever growing number of people, who are beginning to make their voices heard, in an attempt to bring down the hammer of the FCC on channels like AMC and FX. Their consternation is over the networks propensity for consistently push the boundaries on shows like The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, as to what is allowed on broadcast television. Even Game of Thrones has felt the heat of their wrath, with one pastor equating watching Game of Thrones to re-crucifying Christ.

Yesterday, I asked the question, is The Walking Dead season 5 too brutal for television? Again, it was not a concern of mine, but rather a concern voiced by the actors of The Walking Dead, themselves. In a show that has become less and less about actual flesh eating zombies, and more about the very real struggle for man to survive in a world where the rules and laws no longer exist, brutality and unrestrained violence have to be the norm.

As a fan of both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and having voraciously read any and all literature of both titles (A Song of Ice and Fire, The Walking Dead comics), I firmly believe that in order to stay true to both shows, then they must continue to raise the bar on the violence that is more than a trademark in both worlds.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

So, if both the actors, and show-runners of The Walking Dead are concerned that the FCC may step in and make them delete scenes that are too violent and brutal for television, what are some other shows currently running on the networks that are more violent, brutal, or sexually risque than The Walking Dead? And, what is the difference between normal broadcast television networks like AMC and FX, and the premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz?


Sons of Anarchy

The first show that comes to mind, in the question of shows that are far more brutal than The Walking Dead, is the FX network’s Sons of Anarchy. This fall, the show will have its 7th and final season, and boy has it been a ride (pardon the terribly intentional pun). SOA has seen the rape of a major character, the brutalizing and regular rape of an inmate who gets shived in the eye, and who bites through his own tongue and throws it on a window to avoid “ratting” on his club.

I am a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy and its creator Kurt Sutter. Sutter has shown us the very real and terrifying world of outlaw motorcycle clubs, through the violence and brutality that surrounds that world. Of course the show is violent, it has to be. In comparing SOA to The Walking Dead, the Sons far exceed the Zombies in violence.


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The Walking Dead 

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