Screen Junkies Presents the Spoiler Bill of Rights

One of my favorite YouTube channels Screen Junkies, has just posted a new video where they discuss the very real world-wide pandemic of spoilers. Now, we all know that we live in a society these days, where spoilers are an everyday occurrence. In fact, this phenomena has really only stepped into the spotlight in the past 3-4 years, since the first Game of Thrones season. If only we had some sort of guideline by which to live, perhaps a Spoiler Bill of Rights is in order.

In today’s social media-centric society, it is very nearly impossible not to have your favorite television show or movie spoiled for you. Thankfully the guys at Screen Junkies, have compiled a Spoiler Bill of Rights to help you navigate the murky waters of spoilers.


  1. Don’t be a Dick: That’s right, just because you have midnight premiere tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy, doesn’t mean that you should come home after the movie and fill your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with every detail of the ending and after credits scene.
  2. Stay off Twitter: If you know you can’t make it home in time to watch Game of Thrones, but are recording it on your handy-dandy DVR to watch later, don’t go on twitter. I’ll expand that to include ANY AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. It is your responsibility to avoid the spoiler happy dicks out there.
  3. Rule of Two: The Rule of Two is thus, you have two weeks after a movie premieres before you can responsibly begin posting your spoilery thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy (including that awesome after credits scene and special cameo). With television, it’s two days. What’s that? You didn’t get to see the finale of Game of Thrones season 4? Well, you had two days to watch it and familiarize yourself with Tywin Lannister’s death…oops. See what I did there? The two days have passed, therefore I am no longer bound by rule one of the Spoiler Bill of Rights.
  4. Don’t Take it Personally: This is perhaps the most important rule in the Spoiler Bill of Rights, because even the most polite person can inadvertently spoil something for you. Going on hate-filled rants because your BFF accidentally clicked a link and Facebook totes spoiled the Vampire Diaries season finale for you, is not necessary, it wasn’t their fault. Besides, we all know Damon will return next season, he isn’t really dead…oops I did it again, SEE RULE THREE!


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