Weird Al's "Sports Song" is a tribute to fight songs

Here’s Weird Al video number 5 of the week. This makes me kinda sad that we only have 3 more to go.

In “Sports Song” Weird Al is our drum major leading the marching band in a rendition of our schools fight song. Of course in the world of Weird Al the fight song is a little different.

Weird Al’s “Sports Song” gets right to the point “we’re great and you suck.” Most college fight songs are about how great your school is, not Weird Al University. (I think they play in the Big 10, because everything in the Big 10 is a joke! Get it?) I mean Alabama does have a chant that talks about beating the hell out of their opponent, but Alabama can get away with that.

This song couldn’t come at a better time with college football only a mere 35 days, 15 hours, and 24 minutes to college football… not that I’m counting. You can bet that “Sports Song” will get a play or two at some tailgates this year.

Buzzed Breakdown I really loved this one. Most of the songs on a Weird Al album are parodies of popular pop songs, but he always has a couple of unique ones. Most of the time he has one song that he wrote himself, like “Sports Song,” and one polka pop song melody. I don’t know if ‘Mandatory Fun’ has a polka melody, but I’m glad it has “Sports Song.”

“Sports Song” is just good fun that any sports fan can relate to. It’s who we are as sports fans, our team is awesome and your team sucks… even if our team is actually the one who sucks. The line about the mediocrity of the bragging team was probably my favorite part. As a Jaguars and Mets fan I could really identify with that. I mean the Jaguars suck, but the Titans and Texans suck a lot more.

“Sports Song” also really reminded me of one of my favorite Weird Al songs…

I had this jam on cassette tape.

What did you think of “Sports Song?” Are you sad that we’ve only got three more Weird Al songs coming this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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