Grading every college football ESPNU logo

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We are only a few weeks out from the start of college football. Soon we will be rooting our teams on and watching Game Day like the founding fathers intended for us to do. That’s why they fought off the British, so we wouldn’t have to watch soccer.
In honor of the coming season we’ve collected every ESPNU logo we could find and given them all a grade. Does the ESPNU logo for your team do it justice, or does it suck like Tim Brando’s preseason predictions? Let’s take a look…

The ACC ESPNU logos

Boston College ESPNU logo
Like everything Boston College this logo is wicked mediocre at best C-
Clemson ESPNU logo
I like the purple tiger stripes, but if Eight-ball eyes had gotten worked in here it would have been gold. B
Duke ESPNU logo
This isn’t bad, a little creepy, but not bad. B
Florida State ESPNU logo
The champs get a good logo, it’s only fair. Sure some crab legs worked in would be nice, but this will do. A
Georgia Tech ESPNU logo
You would think that those are honey puddles, but the upset look on the bee’s face says they may be bee pee. Wait, do yellow jackets make honey? B
Louisville ESPNU logo
The grin on this bird truly captures the spirit of Bobby Petrino. A
Miami ESPNU logo
The lawn flamingo is a nice touch. A
NC State ESPNU logo
Oh NC State logo what big teeth you have! B
North Carolina ESPNU logo
The logo is good, the tar heel print is great. This is one of my favorites. A+
Notre Dame ESPNU logo
Hey Notre Dame you’re in the ACC, I know you say you aren’t, but you are. If you play a bunch of games against them and your in their conference in every other sport, you’re in the ACC. The logo is alright, but I’m not worried about my Lucky Charms when it’s around. B
Pittsburgh ESPNU logo
This is so Pitt. C
Syracuse ESPNU logo
Put ya hands in the air like you just don’t care… or know why your logo is doing this? C
Virginia ESPNU logo
Swords make everything better, even Virginia. B
Virginia Tech ESPNU logo
That’s a nice Hokie Bird. A
Wake Forest ESPNU logo
Formal, sophisticated, not at all intimidating, nailed it. A



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