Will Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson be Playing DC Hero Shazam?

In a recent video interview with Totalfilm, Dwayne Johnson was asked about playing a hero in the DC cinematic universe. The Rock expertly navigated his way through the answer, but around 1:19, he gave fans what they want, in the manner he described his character. By the way, Johnson confirmed that DC would be officially announcing his role very soon, which makes you wonder, now that this video is out there, how long will DC wait. Your movie DC.

 “I’ll just say this…he has the power of Superman, and it’s not Green Lantern…he can throw down…just say the word, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s the power of Superman, and if you know anything about Shazam, you know what his name stands for:

S – The wisdom of Solomon

H – The strength of Hercules

A – The stamina of Atlas

Z – The power of Zeus

AThe courage of Achilles

M – The speed of Mercury

Yep, that about covers that part. As far as not playing Green Lantern, all Johnson did was finally exclude that possibility from the table. And then finally, the coup de grâce if you will, “Just say the word”.

What word would that be, Rock? You mean the word that transforms unassuming, young Billy Batson into the overly muscled champion for good? SHAZAM! As for now, we have no idea when Shazam would be introduced into the DC cinematic universe, and obviously there has been no official word that The Rock will play Shazam.


I actually really like the idea that Dwayne Johnson as Shazam. He definitely has the body type that would fill that role. Also, Johnson has been honing his acting chops with movies like The Fast and the Furious, and I have heard some really good things about Hercules. Side note, I like the idea that Shazam has Hercules representing the “H”.

What do you think? Would The Rock make a perfect Shazam? What other DC superhero could he be talking about? Let me know, in the comments section below.


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