The Preseason Bottom 25: The 25 worst teams in college football

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This is a bottom 25, not a top 25.  These are the 25 teams that I think will be the worst teams in college football this year.  So in this case 25 is the best and 1 is the worst.


25. Michigan

Michigan continues to struggle, especially in the secondary. Until Michigan proves they can slow down opponents passing game they are going to have a huge Achilles heel. In Michigan’s favor however is the fact that a large portion of their schedule is made up of the other teams on this list. That first game too… I know Appalachian State probably can’t repeat the magic, but that first game has to gnaw at Michigan fans a little. App State is Michigan’s Vietnam.

Michigan Bottom 25


24. Utah

Utah has a tough schedule in 2014, playing in a mean looking PAC. Utah is counting on QB Travis Wilson to rack up a ton of yards. Wilson is a great QB… when he’s on target. He needs to improve on his 56% completion rate. The Utes will be hanging out with Colorado and Cal in the basement of the PAC.

Utah Utes Bottom 25


23. Rutgers

You know how you eat too much pizza when you’re really hungry and then have that feeling of regret? That sticky bloated greasy regret? I imagine that’s the feeling the Big 10 has about inviting the dumpster fire that is Rutgers athletics to their conference. Rutgers will struggle this year in their new big boy conference.

Rutgers Bottom 25


22. Vandy

Vandy has taken some steps back, that can’t be denied. They missed out on quite a few top recruits to Tennessee this year. Although Vandy has stepped back some, I don’t think they have quite fallen behind Tennessee yet, you’ll see why shortly…

Vanderbilt Bottom 25


21. Tennessee

This ranking is where most of the hate mail for this article will come from. Tennessee is replacing their entire offensive line and defensive line this year… that’s just unheard of. The Vols did have a great recruiting class and they are probably headed in a good direction, but this won’t be the year. If your quarterback is spending all his time feeling for his dear life then great wide receivers really don’t mean much. Tennessee fans seem convinced that they are only a year off from being a top of the SEC team, that’s just plain delusional. If the Vols get some injury trouble we could be seeing walk-ons with serious playing time, yikes.

Tennessee Bottom 25


20. NC State

NC State was abysmal last year. There is hope that the Wolfpack could jump out of the bottom 25 worst teams in college football this year. They do have a schedule that might make this possible. With such a weak schedule though a few losses would send them tumbling even farther down the rankings.

NC State Bottom 25


19. Idaho

Idaho is another team with an especially weak schedule. Maybe the Vandals can find away to win enough games against Georgia Southern and South Alabama to move up a bit? Maybe.

Idaho Bottom 25


18. UTEP

UTEP isn’t going to be good again this year. On a positive note though there really aren’t many hardcore UTEP fans. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any UTEP hate mail.

UTEP Bottom 25


17. Colorado

Oh the poor poor Buffs. It’s been nothing but hard times since the Buffs moved on over to the PAC. Oh what’s that? The PAC is better than usual this year? Oh the poor poor Buffs.

Colorado Bottom 25


16. Virginia

Carry me back to ole Virginia. I found one sure win on Virginia’s schedule. One.

Virginia Bottom 25




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