SEC Network Honors the Live Mascots of the SEC

It’s hard to believe that the kick-off to the 2014 college football season is a paltry month away. We’ve collectively languished in the wasteland of soccer and Winter Olympics, but no longer my friends. Today we take back what is truly our American birthright. Getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch the intro to ESPN’s College Gameday, and see if our favorite team is represented in the crowd, by a waving flag or hastily made sign. Nothing embodies the spirit of ‘Merica more than College Football.

Thankfully, the Allfather of the SEC, Mike Slive, made for us, the SEC fan, a network where we will no longer see our favorite teams be preempted by the pro bowling league. The SEC network is a beautiful thing. It’s like, if Tom Brady had a baby with Kate Upton, that beautiful progeny would be the SEC Network.

There have already been a couple of commercials marketing the glory of the SEC Network, but none so like this.

The SEC is home to some of the most unique mascots in all the land. For instance there is no other Razorback mascot in all of college sports. Finally, the live mascots  get the spotlight they deserve in this SEC network commercial, check it out.


From LSU’s Mike the Tiger to Arkansas’ Tusk, the SEC is the premiere conference in not only college football, but in unique and fun, live mascots as well.

When the Auburn Tigers take the field, Nova the eagle soars over the plains…and yes I am confused as to which animal represents Auby. When LSU plays a home game, LSU will put Mike the Tiger’s cage in front of the visiting team’s locker room, just to put the fear of God in them, and it works.

Although I don’t pretend to know why A&M doesn’t have any female cheerleaders, they are the only team in the SEC with a Collie for their mascot. If you have visited Neyland Stadium to see Tennessee play football, then you most certainly observed Smokey the hound in his native habitat.

Arkansas calls their mascot with a deafening “WOO PIG SOOIE”, and South Carolina’s Sir Big Spur holds court on his own little goalpost. And then there’s UGA. Georgia has probably the cutest and most adorable of all the SEC live mascots, with their jowly fat and wrinkly bulldog. Georgia isn’t unique in their love of bulldogs, as Mississippi State has one too, although why they don’t have a cow for a mascot is totally beyond me…HAVE YOU WATCHED THEM RING THOSE DARN COW BELLS ALL GAME?

Which SEC live mascot is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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