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Four Florida State freshman football players made a rap video

Four Florida State freshman, Jacob Pugh, Demarcus Christmas, Derrick Nnadi, and Lorenzo Featherston made a rap video… or something. I mean they do “rap” and they do “sing” and this is a video recording.

When we people learn that that the window of good for making rap videos is very small, while the window of so bad that it’s good is huge. This one isn’t particularly creative, I mean Auburn at least had shots of people dancing in front of the campus bookstore, like ya do.

These poor guys are never going to live this down.

BuzzedTake Well I think these guys can scratch “rap career” of the list of possible fall backs in case football doesn’t work out. All I could think about while watching this is that Shaquille O’Neil was a better rapper than this.

Let’s talk message first. The main message of the song seems to be that they are going to “make it to the top.” What are they so desperate to make it to the top of? Is it a mountain? Is it a hill? Is it the ACC? If it’s the ACC that’s a pretty easy one, just beat Wake and Syracuse.

I think they are probably talking about college football in which case I will say you probably have Jameis Winston for one more semester/shopping spree before he bolts to the NFL. Better get on that this year guys.

The production values on this leave something to be desired. There are so many lens flares that they could give J.J. Abrams a seizure. Also, where is this being filmed? It looks like it might be the pool at the La Quinta Inn. It might make sense to film at the La Quinta, food for the crew would be convenient. We all know that “La Quinta” means “next to Denny’s” in Spanish.

The choreography also leaves a bit to be desired. I hope the guys play football more enthusiastically than this because they are dancing like sloths on Ambien.

Lastly the lyrics, oh the lyrics. They basically just sing “Gotta make it to the top” over and over. This song is only slightly more repetitive than Dora the Explorer’s “We did it” song.

I gotta give you guys a D on this one, now pass the crab legs.

Big h/t to Andy Hutchins over at Alligator Army for posting this to his YouTube page.

What did you think of “Gotta Make it to the Top?” Let us know in the comments below.


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