Cole Stoudt, the Clemson QB, pranks people by pretending to be a mannequin

Ah the old pretend to be a mannequin trick. It’s a time honored gag passed down from “that one dad” on your street who pretended to be a scarecrow on the porch every Halloween. Oh the laughs “that dad” had scaring poor little children out for candy. Any other time a 42 year old dresses up and screams at four-year-olds it’s a crime, but not on this one night. The thing is, nobody likes that dad. He’s a douche. He scares the other parents kids and laughs at them, that doesn’t win you friends.

Cole Stoudt took advantage of the fact that the Clemson athletic department has a bunch of mannequins in football uniforms in the front of the building. Stroudt put on his full uniform with visored helmet and set the trap.

Stoudt didn’t play this thing subtle either. He straight up did the yell in a scary voice move to his teammates entering the building. I think it might have been even better if he had done the subtle movement or put his arm around one of the guys.

Still it’s a great prank and a good time had by all. I don’t know if Stoudt will be Clemson’s next Tajh Boyd, but he seems like a fun guy to have around the locker room.

Author’s note: What’s up with the stuffed tiger behind glass? HERE’S A DEAD VERSION OF OUR MASCOT, GO CLEMSON!

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