Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt Flawlessly Raps Eminem's Forgot About Dre

With the monster success of Guardians of the Galaxy, the actors that brought our new favorite Marvel characters to life, have become rock-stars. Dave Bautista has been lauded as the best WWE star to turn actor, besides the Rock, of course. Vin Diesel’s voice work on Groot has earned him some very high praise. But, in the case of Christ Pratt (Star-Lord – Peter Quill), who is arguably the spotlight stealing superstar of the movie, it’s more like rap-star.

Pratt dropped in on DJ Whoo Kid on Shade45 during the Whoolywood Shuffle, to talk Guardian’s of the Galaxy and his other projects like Jurassic World.When Pratt was asked about what music he listened to, the interview quickly went from the typically funny movie star sound bite, to awesome. Check it out.

“I’d rather be farted on by David Hasselhoff than punched by Orlando Bloom”

Now, I will admit to going through an Eminem phase around 2000-2001, and at one time I could recite every line from ‘Forgot About Dre’, too. Only, I never had the the Slim Shady voice or mastery of the flow and speed of the rap like Chris Pratt does.

Pratt just keeps on surprising me. Obviously I knew he was a funny actor who is extremely likable. I loved his character on Parks and Recreation. But, with every interview/story that comes out about him, I am really starting to become a Chris Pratt fan.

Also, Orlando Bloom shouldn’t even take offense to Pratt’s comments about the Bieber incident. It would be pretty darn embarrassing to be punched by him, but even worse if Bieber had actually gotten a return punch in.

Side note: If there is going to be a Knight Rider reboot, please put Chris Pratt in it. Also, I sincerely hope that David Hasselhoff responds to this video, because I would pay to see him make a fart challenge to Chris Pratt.

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