10 Most Addicting Shows on Netflix

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I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again.
Netflix is my happy place.
So much in fact, that statement should be on a t-shirt.
Netflix is an amusement park of wonder for the family without the sticker shock, greasy food, and cheesy arcade games ( although you may find a good documentary of one on Netflix)
Netflix, brings me much joy. this list is dedicated to you
So sit back, grab the remote, and add these to your instant Quere.

The 10 Most Addicting Shows (On Netflix) and why you should be insta-streaming now.

House of Cards. A Netflix Original. Politics, Power, BBQ, and Kevin Spacey. Did we say Kevin Spacey? Dark comedy and Twisted Drama tastes so good. Spacey stars as a politician with his eye on the prize. Great Writing, Ensemble, & Direction. Makes you wanna take a day trip to DC to eat at Freddy’s BBQ. Pay attention. It moves quick.


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