Jan 4, 2014; Birmingham, AL, USA; Vanderbilt Commodores linebacker Patrick Sutton (18) celebrates after his team won the 2014 Compass Bowl at Legion Field. The Commodores defeated the Cougars 41-24. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Caveman: Vanderbilt Commodores

College Football Caveman is most akurate caveman in all of college football. College Football Caveman gonna make some purdiktions for SEC teams cuz he know SEC is best confrense in football. First College Football Caveman want to talk Vanderbilt. College Football no like Vanderbilt cuz he no like water. Vanderbilt is commodore and they like water. COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAVEMAN HATE WATER!

Vandybilt have easiest schedule of SEC. College Football Caveman think they get lucky. They no play Bama or Auburned or LSU. Vandybilt will lose to Old Miss and other Mississississippi Skool. College Football Caveman have very bad news for water loving commodore fans. They no win any SEC games this year. College Football Caveman sorry for you Vandybilt.

Good newz for Vandybilt. They have game with Temple. They have game with Charley Brown Southern (COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAVEMAN HATE THEM TOO CUZ THEY BUCKANEERZ COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAVEMAN HATE WATER). They have game with Old Dominos. Vandybilt win 2 games out of confrense. Temple gonna beat you Vandybilt. College Football Caveman Sorry.

It gon be long seazon for water lovers commodores. They no have gud coach. He leave them cuz he no like water either. He in Pennsalveins. He like chocolate and Quakers. College Football Caveman love Quakers too. He love their oatmeal. It gud it make College Football Caveman’s tummy feel warm.

College Football Caveman purdikt 2 wins for Vandybilt. Vandybilt gon lose first game to Temple, den wheels fall off and water loving commodores sink cuz mascots no know how to swim. College Football Caveman give Vandybilt 2 T-Rex cuz dats how meny wins they get. College Football Caveman sorry Vandybilts but College Football Caveman a jeenis he not wrong.

College Football Caveman T Rex Vandy



What you think? Is College Football Caveman right? OF COURSE HE IS CUZ COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAVEMAN NEVER WRONG. You tell me what you think in comments cuz College Football Caveman like to talk to peepuls.




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