The 10 best Robin Williams Movies

With the sad news of Robin Williams passing yesterday we thought it was a good time to remember the best of him. These are our top 10 favorite Robin Williams movies.

10. Jumanji

William’s character Alan Parish has been trapped in the Jumanji board game for decades until two unsuspecting kids play the game and release him.


‘Jumanji’ is a special kind of kids movie. I always enjoyed the children’s movies and books where the kids got thrust into a magical world to become heroes and learn about themselves. The Narnia Books, Never Ending Story, The Flight of the Navigator, and Jumanji are all great examples of this genre. ‘Jumanji’ left you feeling like an adventure could happen to you at any moment.


9. What Dreams May Come

‘What Dreams May Come’ is an overlooked gem with an amazing 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Robin Williams 2

Robin Williams plays Chris Nielsen, a man who after dying in a car crash searches the next life for his wife. It’s a love story and a story of pure imagination. In 1998 it was also full of visually stunning computer animation that still holds up surprisingly well.


8. The Fisher King

The Fisher King is a story about guilt and attempted redemption.
Robin Williams 3
This one is particularly sad to talk about today since it has some dark suicidal undertones. It’s such a great film though. Neither Robin Williams or Jeff Daniels characters could find wholeness on their own, they needed each other to do that. A brilliant tale of how doing something good for someone else is doing something good for yourself.

7. Moscow on the Hudson
Moscow on the Hudson was created and set against the backdrop of the cold war. The film might not have made this list, but it’s so impressive that a movie would try to make a statement about this in 1984.
Robin Williams 4
Robin Williams plays Vladimir Ivanoff a Russian defector. The greatness of this movie is that it isn’t about how much better and easier life would be for someone in American rather than the Soviet Union. Somehow It also doesn’t gloss over the reality of the Soviet Union though. Life in America isn’t a piece of cake, but in the end it’s better because it has hope.


6. Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams goes undercover as a housekeeper to continue to see his kids after separating from his wife.

Robin Williams 5

There’s no doubt that Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic. It’s funny and charming and fun for the whole family. Robin Williams just does what he does best in this movie, make you smile.


5. Good Morning Vietnam

‘Good Morning Vietnam’ is loosley based on the real life experiences of radio DJ Adrian Cronauer.

Robin Williams 6

There are so many big clubs that ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ could hit us over the head with, war is evil, the army is full of rules, communism, futility, treachery. The movie manages to be fun, touch on all these topics, and not be heavy handed about any of them. The fact that this movie isn’t trying to force a big point out of a good story is what makes it great.


4. Hook

‘Hook’ is the story of Peter Pan’s return to Neverland as an adult.

Robin Williams 7

As a kid I loved ‘Hook’ because it was a fun movie and another Peter Pan adventure. As an adult I love ‘Hook’ because it reminds us that the kid inside doesn’t have to be gone forever. Hook isn’t Robin William’s best work, but it’s my favorite.


3. Good Will Hunting

We all know ‘Good Will Hunting.’ The story of a genius kid who needed to step out of where he was from to become who he could be.

Robin Williams 8

Williams plays Sean Maguire who helps Will Hunting take a realistic look at his life. Williams won an oscar for best supporting actor for this film, and he deserved it. This is Williams at his most touching. Williams realizes that Hunting is genius, but still a kid.


2. Aladdin

‘Aladdin’ is a Disney animation masterpiece, in no small part to Robin Williams as the genie.

Robin Williams 9

Just like ‘Good Will Hunting’ was Williams at his most touching, ‘Aladdin’ is Williams at his best comically. The animation allows Williams the freedom to be himself times two, it’s a film that can keep up with his imagination.


1. Dead Poets Society

‘Dead Poets Society’ is the story of an English teacher at a stuffy prep school who inspires his students through the teaching of poetry.

Robin Williams 10

There is no way to describe this movie in a paragraph. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it right now.

What was your favorite Robin Williams movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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