The Muppets rap the Beastie Boys classic 'What'cha Want?'

I love the Muppets, I love the Beastie Boys, I love this. The Muppets are just perfect for mashups, but this one is particularly well done.

How great was that? I love the fact that it’s also the three Muppets that never say anything coherant too. Animal usually just growls, Beaker meeps or whatever that noise is, and the Swedish chef does whatever it is Swedish people do. Do real Swedish people say “bork” a lot?
This now goes in with some of our other favorite Muppet YouTubes… which we have included below because we’re awesome.
First off you have the classic ‘Mahna Mahna’ from the Muppets Show.

Beakers ‘Ode to Joy.’

The Muppets and Weezer for ‘Keep Fishin’.’

The Swedish Chef gets in the meme game with an appearance in the Gersberms video from Nerdist.

The Muppets are just the best. I’m sorry they just are.
What did you think of the Muppets vs. the Beastie Boys mash-up? Let us know in the comments below.

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