Apr 12, 2014; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles former running back Devonta Freeman (8) smiles as he models the new uniforms during the spring game at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The 10 Ugliest College Football Uniforms for 2014

Experts are divided on whether the flashy uniform trend started with Oregon or Elton John. Oregon’s uniforms got them attention, but not always the right kind of attention. No matter the kind of attention they raised it started a wacky hot crazy uniform trend. Many of these schools aren’t world beaters, I guess it just proves that you dress for the job you want not the one you have. I think the job these teams want is rodeo clown…

Arizona State

Arizona State Helmet 3

These helmets were meant to make opponents feel the heat. Instead all they are going to do is burn eyeballs of the fans. I’m pretty sure Arizona State bought these on sale at Hot Topic.

Arizona State Uniforms

Boise State

Boise State Helemet 1

Boise State has orange helmets now… that apparently flake to pieces? Orange is a wonderful color if you are making sure you don’t get shot while hunting, or if you’re Dutch. These Orange helmets however are such a travesty that they should be tried for crimes against humanity in the Hague. Then again the Hague is in the Netherlands and full of orange loving dutchmen.

Boise State Uniforms


Oregon Helmet

You really can’t have a bad uniform list without Oregon. Most of Oregon’s bajillion uniform combinations are just awful. They just look like neon yellow highlighters who can’t beat Stanford most of the time. Don’t tell Oregon fans that though, they are so proud of their swag. These particular Oregon uniforms are black and yellow. Nothing frightens your opponents like looking like the bastard love child of Georgia Tech and Southern Miss. The green and white one is OK, Tulane does have a nice color scheme.

Oregon Uniforms

Florida State

Florida State Uniform.jog

Remember that Aztec blanket your great aunt got for you as a souvenir when she went on her senior singles cruise to Mexico? Well now the national champs have incorporated that a pattern that reminds you of that unpleasant memory into their uniforms. Those helmets look a lot like the Jaguars helmets too, do you really want to invite that curse? Also, I think your great aunt might be a slut.

FSU Uniforms


Kansas Helmet

Nothing says fly and hip like chrome baby. “Whoop whoop look at all this swag… OH GOD WE ARE LOSING BY 60″ said Kansas. Chrome does not a good football team make, and this is bad chrome. It’s a giant bird cartoon on red chrome. This is how Justin Bieber paints his cars bad.

Kansas Uniforms

NC State

NC State Helmet

Are these helmets made of kevlar? Why do they look like they are made of kevlar? I think the best way to find out is probably to put one on the person who designed them and shoot them in the head.

NC State Uniforms


Michigan Uniform 2

Michigan has one of the best looking classic uniforms in college football, so of course they are going to jack it up.

Michigan Shoes

Let’s make sure our kicks are as bad as our uniforms. Oh and Michigan, about the “under the lights” thing, electric lights at night are only impressive to the Amish.

Michigan Uniforms




The mother of dragons disowns you UAB. That is an afront to the Khaleesi and everything commuter school dragons from Birmingham are meant to stand for.

UAB Uniforms


Marshall Uniform

Are you all supposed to be leprechauns or are you that weird family that all dress in a pastel color coordinated way for Easter?

Marshall Uniform 1



Screenshot 2014-08-15 at 11.23.40 AM

This really isn’t a uniform thing, but your new logo is Worf’s head.

Arkasnas Uniforms

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