CFB Detective: Episode 3 Preview

CFB Detective is probably the greatest animated college football detective show in the world, in fact, I can say with all confidence, that it is the greatest animated college football detective show in the universe.

Episode 3 of CFB Detective, titled SPF40, will see our favorite animated college football detectives, Houston and Gene, head over to the local community pool to investigate another mysterious murder. While they’re there, the detectives will run into Gus, voiced by Blake Ells – @blakeells, and Kristi voiced by AU Kritter –  @AUKritter.

Tensions will grow tight, as Detective Gene and Gus have an uncomfortable reunion. We also find out why Gus prefers to swim in a t-shirt, and if the water really turns blue when you pee in the pool. But that’s not all! An episode featuring Gus would not be complete without his zany wife, Kristi. Shenanigans will ensue as Detective Houston tries to get Kristi to actually shut-up.

CFB Detective will be released on YouTube each week, and you can get more information about the show, it’s cast and characters, as well as information about the CFB Detective Kickstarter project which will be starting on this Monday, August 18, 2014, by clicking the CFB Detective link.

Check out the trailer for CFB Detective:


Are you excited for  CFB Detective Episode 3? What do you think about the CFB Detective project as a whole? Let us know in the comments below. Hey, while you’re here, check out our previews for episodes 1 and 2 of CFB Detective, and tell us what you think.

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