CFB Detective: Episode 4 Preview

CFB Detective is the greatest animated college football detective series that you will ever have the pleasure of seeing. Seriously, if look-up CFB Detective in the dictionary, you probably would not find them, BUT if you ask anyone on the street about CFB De…okay so they probably haven’t heard of it either.

Anyway, In Episode 4 of CFB Detective, titled Razorback County, Detectives Houston and Gene get pulled over for driving a little too fast. Sheriff Bert, voiced by Rick Muscles –  @RickMuscles, doesn’t appreciate our favorite animated college football detective speeding through his town. Sheriff Bert prefers a much slower pace.

Detectives Houston and Gene go from the frying pan to the fire when Sheriff Bert’s boss, Boss Emmert, voiced by Clay – @SabanSays, decides that paying the usual fine for going too fast in his county, isn’t enough, because Boss Emmert always wants more.

Hey, don’t worry Arkansas fans, because the Razorbacks aren’t the only team who gets a parody, check back tomorrow as we talk about the Scientologist  Dairy Farmer and his wonderful cow! Also, if that isn’t enough for you, check out the episode 2 preview, below, where we talk about Gus and his propensity for swimming in a t-shirt.

You can find out more about Detectives Houston and Gene by clicking the CFB Detective link. While you’re there you can see a complete cast list, made up from some of Twitter’s more entertaining bloggers, college football columnists, and hilarious social media personalities.

Check out the first CFB Detective trailer


What do you think of episode 4 of CFB Detective? Let us know in the comments section below, and while you’re here, check out our previews for episodes 1-3.

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