CFB Detective Goes Live!

The long awaited Kickstarter project for CFB Detective has finally gone live! CFB Detective is an animated series produced by Charles Evans and David Harris. It follows two intrepid detectives, Gene and Houston, as they track down the Yellow Hat.

The animated show is a parody loosely based (super loose, like Bobby Petrino loose), on HBO’s True Detective, with a college football twist. It’s basically the greatest animated college football detective show of all time, and we feel comfortable making that claim. In fact, I like to say that CFB Detective is basically what you would get if Archer and South Park had a baby. It’s that awesome.

CFB Detective’s art is masterfully done by Charles Evans, and the script written by David Harris (me). We’ve also assembled a cast of over 30 of the best college football writers, bloggers, and podcasters on social media today.

Some of the zany characters that you will meet on this season of CFB Detective are:

Detectives Houston and Gene: The good guys.

Gene and Houston

Yellow Hat: The bad guy.

Yellow Hat

Gus: He swims in a t-shirt.


Kristi: She also enjoys a dip in the community pool.


Hugh and Leigh Anne: The staff of Ole Burrito.

Hugh and Leigh Anne CFB Detective

Senor Plantation Owner: Ole Burrito’s much maligned mascot.

CFB Detective Senor Plantation Owner

Sheriff BERT


CFB Detective will premiere sometime shortly after the end of our Kickstarter campaign ends in mid September, and will have an episode drop on YouTube each week. We plan on running an 8 episode first season, but who knows, we may stretch that out to 10.

Some of the fantastic rewards that one can expect from backing CFB Detective on Kickstarter are:

Houston’s Heppers $10 Pledge Level: By making a $10 pledge, you will get to choose one of three exclusive and unique CFB Detective stickers, a code via email of an HD digital download of the complete first season of CFB Detective after the show airs on  YouTube, and your name in the credits as part of Houston’s Heppers. Detective Houston is in the people heppin business, it’s what he does.

$100 Pledge – Super Awesome YOLO Swag Bag
When you make a pledge of $100, you get it all. A Yellow Hat CFB Detective t-shirt, a signed DVD of the complete first season of CFB Detective, a signed CFB Detective poster, all three unique and exclusive CFB Detective stickers, and a unique piece of digital art, created just for you, by lead artist and co-creator of CFB Detective, Charles Evans.
So as you can see, by pledging to back this project, you will get all kinds of glorious rewards!
You can learn more at the CFB Detective Kickstarter page and the CFB Detective website.

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