CFB Detective: Episode 5 Preview

What if I told you that there was an animated college football detective series, centered around two of the SEC’s most affable and lovable, former coaches, and that show was called CFB Detective, would you watch it? Of course you would, because you love ‘Merica and things that are awesome.

CFB Detective is THE best animated college football detective show in the world, and I say that with 100% confidence. Well…maybe it’s the only animated college football detective show in the world…but still, you get the point. Check out the trailer for the inaugural season, it’s rad!

See, I told you it was rad! Anyway, Episode 5 of CFB Detective, titled Old MacMullin, is centered around a dairy farm run by a Scientologist dairy farmer named Old MacMullin. Our two detectives, Houston and Gene, search the farm for clues, as they are hot on the trail of the Yellow Hat.

But that’s not all. Old MacMullin’s cow Bessie, may or may not be able to communicate with Detective Gene. You’ll have to wait until the show airs on YouTube to see the details, but all I can say is, Gene has got a way with the ladies..erm…animals.

Guess what, CFB Detective just went live with their Kickstarter, and you can get involved. Do you love hilarious animated parodies of your most favorite, or at least most hated team/coach from the SEC? Do you love fabulous prizes? Then check out the CFB Detective Kickstarter, and join our family by making a pledge to help bring it to life!

What do you think of the preview for episode 5 of CFB Detective? Let us know in the comments below.

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