The Tonight Show: Pierce Brosnan plays Goldeneye

Goldeneye is a pillar of my childhood. I remember it as the first first person shooter that you could compete against your friends. It had all these different polygonal boards that looked amazing and were totally exciting at the time. Everyone always tried to be Oddjob because his character was shorter than everyone else and so harder to shoot. It had the “golden gun” mode with one shot kills. Everything about this game was just the best.

Jimmy Fallon had Pierce Brosnan on his show last night to promote his new movie which I assume is called “This looks kinda like James Bond.” Fallon took the opportunity of a lifetime that he was presented with and challenged Pierce Brosnan to a game of Goldeneye. Jimmy Fallon got to play James Bond with James Bond.

OK, so that was a pretty disappointing performance from Pierce Brosnan. I wouldn’t think that Brosnan had ever played Goldeneye, but come on. Then again if I had a video game with me in it I would be playing it every single day. So Brosnan wasn’t the best at it, he didn’t even find a gun. I mean if you’re going to play Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan surely you can have it set up so you can both start with a gun ready to go. I love the idea of this so much, the execution just wasn’t quite there. It was a good try Mr. Bond, but now I’m afraid it’s time to die.

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