CFB Detective: Episode 8 Preview

Yesterday, HBO announced that filming for True Detective season 2 would begin this September, and be released next year. So, of course we think that it’s only appropriate that we tell you that CFB Detective, an animated show about two intrepid college football detectives loosely based, and we mean really loose…like Bobby Petrino loose, on HBO’s True Detective, will be released this year. In fact, the first episodes should be hitting YouTube sometime between October and November.

Episode 8 of CFB Detective is titled Leviticus, and is the season finale for the first season. In this episode, our favorite animated college football detectives, Houston and Gene, finally confront the menacing and nefarious Yellow Hat.

CFB Detective is the life’s work of Charles “Bandit” Evans and David “Razor” Harris, and is the greatest animated college football detective show in the world…nay, universe. And we feel confident in that claim. Check out the trailer for the first season.

Did you know that there is a Kickstarter for CFB Detective? And, did you also know that said Kickstarter has fabulous and fantastic rewards for getting involved and making a monetary pledge to help bring Houston and Gene and their zany hijinks to life? Well it does! Just click the CFB Detective Kickstarter link.

You can also find out much, much more about CFB Detective by clicking the link, which will take you to our official website. On the site you can find out more about the story, unique and original art, and a cast list of over 30 of the best football bloggers, writers, podcasters, and hilarious/entertaining Twitter personalities.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you think about CFB Detective. Give us your thoughts, in the comments below.

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