George R R Martin Hints at Killing Even More Characters From Game of Thrones

Authors George R R Martin and Robin Hobb descended upon London’s Freemason’s Hall last night, to discuss their different approaches to writing, and offered a unique insight into their worlds, as writers. While Hobb and Martin didn’t really deliver anything in the way of spoilers or a potential look-ahead, as far as their collective works go, George R R Martin said something interesting that definitely sent chills down the spines of fans of the books and HBO show.

When asked about killing characters and the inevitable torture that it brings to readers who get overly attached to those characters, George R R Martin had this to say:

“I could have written a story about a well-adjusted family. Ned Stark comes down to King’s Landing and takes over and solves all their problems. Would that have been as exciting?”

No, you’re right George, that would have been pretty darn boring, and if I wanted that style of writing, I would have read Dr. Seuss. Martin then took it a step further, and as a reader of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I have already began to prepare myself for what is sure to be a veritable slaughter of my favorite surviving characters.

“The way my books are structured, everyone was together, then they all went their separate ways and the story deltas out like that, and now it’s getting to the point where the story is beginning to delta back in, and the viewpoint characters are occasionally meeting up with each other now and being in the same point at the same time, which gives me a lot more flexibility for killing people.”

Either the bearded bard is trolling us, yet again, or he really is about to unleash a genocide the likes of which only the Starks have yet to experience. Let’s be honest, no one can kill a fan favorite character off, quite like George R R Martin. I mean, it literally took me about two weeks to get over the events of the Red Wedding, when I read it for the first time. I actually put down the book and refused to pick it up until I could come to grips with what had just happened, and watching the deaths of Robb and Catelyn on Game of Thrones, was even worse.

Honestly, I would not be surprised if the entire series ends with a Dream of Spring, literally being one big dream had by Cousin Orson. In which, we find out that Orson was smashing beetles, drooling into his shirt, dreaming that he was actually killing off Starks as fast as he slaughtered the beetles.

Thmash the Starks! Thmash ‘em!  KUNK KUNK KUNK


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