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It’s that time of year again folks, the college football season is upon us. Time to proudly wear your favorite team’s colors (as if you weren’t already doing that all year long), keep your TV tuned into ESPN to get any and all news about your team’s chances this weekend, and tweet your team’s players, words of encouragement. Okay, don’t do that, because you aren’t a creeper with a van that has blacked out windows and a sign that says “Free puppies inside”.

In all seriousness, the start of College Football is my most favorite time of year. It heralds the return of competitive tweeting to other, lesser college teams and conferences. To quote one college football scholar’s feelings about his team winning each weekend:

“The best thing in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

~Conan the Barbarian

So how can YOU ensure that you can have the same feeling as Conan? well, I’m glad you asked, because we here at Lightly Buzzed have just what you need. It’s the Lightly Buzzed College Football Pick ‘Em!

Simply click this Lightly Buzzed College Football Pick ‘Em link, use the password – CFB DETECTIVE (all caps because that’s how we roll), and you too can join the most popular group on ESPN’s college pick ‘em site with the words Lightly and Buzzed in the name. The rules are easy to follow.

  1. Make your picks each week.
  2. Check back with Lightly Buzzed on Mondays to see who is wining.
  3. Leave comments in the comment section to ridicule your opponents and laud your victories.
  4. Repeat step 3 as much as possible. (GIFs and Memes are allowed and encouraged).
  5. Check back on Friday to get the “Experts” picks (Hahahahahaha)
  6. Leave more comments in the comment sections to shame your foes into submission.
  7. Follow the group members on Twitter, so on Saturdays, you can complete steps 3, 4, and 6, all at once.
  8. Win a signed piece of digital art work from Charles “Bandit” Evans at the end of the season.


See? It’s just that simple, and you too can enjoy an enriched life, full of joy, knowing that you are superior in every way to the Lightly Buzzed staff and your friends…if you win, that is.

Hey, while you’re here, check out the Kickstarter for CFB Detective. The single greatest animated show about college football detectives in the world, and we fill confident making that claim.


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