TNT's The Last Ship: The Best Show of the Summer

The summer is coming to a close, and with it, so too are our favorite shows that got us through those long and hot summer nights. It’s been an eventful summer schedule for the networks, with perennial powerhouses like ABC/NBC/CBS taking a back seat to AMC/FX/TNT. While FX definitely brought its “A game” with The Strain, the one network which really made an impact on its viewers was TNT and its show, The Last Ship.

The Last Ship just had its season finale this past Sunday, and let me tell you, the show really grabbed my attention from the jump, and held it until the last seconds of the finale. That’s a really rare quality in today’s television series, as most shows tend to have a lull in the middle of a season, only to pick back up the intensity at the end. This was not the case with The Last Ship.

Strangely enough, Michael Bay was an executive producer on the show, but there wasn’t any of the trademark Bay explosions, one-liners, and hot chicks in daisy dukes. The Last Ship has that post-apocalyptic feel that I very much enjoy.

The premise of The Last Ship, is thus. After a global pandemic kills or infects possibly over 80% of the world’s population, the crew of a lone unaffected U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer, the fictional USS Nathan James, consisting of 217 men and women, must try to find a cure and stop the virus in order to save humanity.

The Last Ship also can boast a top-notch cast, with Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) as Captain of the Nathan James, Commander Tom Chandler. Rhona Mitra (Strike back) as  Dr. Rachel Scott, a paleomicrobiologist who must try and find a cure for the pandemic disease. And, Adam Baldwin as CDR Mike Slattery, executive officer of the Nathan James.

If you haven’t seen The Last Ship, then do yourself a favor and watch the entire season on TNT on Demand. The 1st season is over, and you can enjoy a binge watching marathon that will leave you wanting more. In my opinion, The Last Ship was definitely one of, if not the best show of the summer.

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