Watch this all new teaser for The Walking Dead Season 5: Tyreese

The summer is nearing an end, and that means that The Walking Dead season 5 is just a paltry month and a half away. In that regard, AMC has been upping the marketing for season 5, by dropping new teasers on their YouTube page. Today’s teaser centers around Tyreese…check it out.


Question: Where is Tyreese, where are the Walker noises coming from, and WHO OR WHAT THE HECK JUST RAN BEHIND HIS BACK OH MY GOD!?

The obvious and easy answer is, Tyreese is in a house near the tracks en route to Terminus, the Walker sounds are from a herd that has been following Tyreese, Carol and lil ass kicker, and that flash of someone/something behind his back, is just Carol running to defend their shack.

The other answer is, Carol and baby Judith have been separated from Tyreese, he is in a shack of some sorts, looking for them, and has been surrounded by Walkers. That flash of potential nightmare fuel behind him, is not a Walker (Walkers don’t run DUH), but some person who has been hiding in there, ala the hermit in the shack in the middle of the woods that served as Walker brunch and a distraction for Rick and gang in season 3, and is about to pounce on our unsuspecting gentle giant.

Still though, you’ve got to wonder, are we going to see some more slow-meandering episodes as Carol and Tyreese with baby Judith walk down the tracks, whistling a little tune? I mean, didn’t we get enough of that nonsense last season?

Scott Gimple has promised that Season 5 of The Walking Dead will absolutely blow our socks off, and I believe him. So, here’s to hoping that this teaser is just a small part of a fast paced, nail biting, edge of your seat episode.

What do you think of this all new teaser for season 5 of The Walking Dead? Are you excited? What do you think will happen to Tyreese? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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