THE Cool Kids Table Podcast: True Blood Series Finale Recap

On this episode of THE Cool Kids Table Podcast, Isis and myself are joined by our special guest, and resident True Blood expert, Holly. Join us as we take a merry jaunt through all the seasons of HBO’s True Blood. Find out who our favorite characters were, and why that just may surprise you. We also discuss, in begrudging detail, the series finale and why there wasn’t more Eric…because we can always use more Eric. Take a listen!

THE Cool Kids Table True Blood Series Finale Recap


True Blood has been a summer Sunday night staple for years now, and the ending has us so confused. Did the True Blood series finale leave you scratching your head, wondering just who in the heck that guy was that knocked up Sookie? Why didn’t we see more Eric in the last season, let alone the finale? Who really cares that Bill died? Did Sookie make the right decision in the end? The answer to all these questions and more are so eloquently put to rest by Holly.

Also, what show will now fill the void left in our black little hearts by Bill, Sookie, Pam, Jason, and Eric?

We want to hear from you. Tell us what your favorite season, favorite episode(s), favorite characters, and favorite deaths were from your favorite show about vampires in Louisiana. Do you think the series went too long? Should the showrunners have kept close to the books, instead of jumping off the path and straight down a rabbit hole of madness that we came to know as True Blood? Let us know in the comments below.

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