The Walking Dead Season 5 Official Poster

We are quickly approaching the premier of season 5 of The Walking Dead, and AMC has been hot on the marketing trail. We’ve seen teaser trailers, marathons of seasons 1-4 with commentary by the cast and crew, and even a cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly. But today, AMC has released what they are calling the first official poster for season 5, and it has grabbed my attention. Let’s break it down, shall we?


The first thing I noticed from this poster, is the wording, “Hunt or be Hunted”. We all know how season 4 ended, with Rick and most of the survivors being herded into a railroad car at Terminus. Since then, the hot topic for The Walking Dead season 5 is, are the Termites (nickname for the weirdos at Terminus), actually the Hunters from the comic books?

My personal opinion is yes…yes, they are the cannibalistic Hunters from the comic books. And, if that theory is correct, then that tag-line “Hunt or be Hunted”, would be a tasty little nod to fans of the books and show, alike.

The next thing I want to point out is, Rick is wearing a jacket in this poster. The last time we saw the survivors, it was in the sweltering Georgia summertime heat. This little nugget could mean we may get a time jump at some point, or that season 5 will visually progress from summer to winter. Although, the foliage seems to be green in this poster, so maybe it isn’t fully winter just yet.

However, if it is winter, then we may actually get to see our favorite prison escapees deal with the effects of the cold on the Walkers.

Finally, it is clear from this picture, that Rick is toting his trademark Python. That can only mean that either Rick and crew escape the Termites, or that they strike a bargain and are working with them. Why else would Rick look somewhat cleaned up, with his weapons returned to him?

What do you think of this first official poster for The Walking Dead season 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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