NFC East Preview 2014: Can anybody stop Chip Kelly, his visor, and the Philadelphia Eagles?

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The four teams in the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Professional Football Team, have a lot going for them: media hype, high expectations, big personalities, and even a little bit of controversy.

One thing that is lacking up and down the division, however, is talent.

That is why the argument can reasonably be made that Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly is the most important man in the division. His offensive system, combined with the quality of players that the Eagles do have on that side of the ball, gives his team a distinct advantage. The fact that they play six games against the horrid defenses in their division doesn’t  hurt either. If his debut season was any indication, Kelly is ready to lead the Eagles to an easy division title in 2014.

If you were that smart, you would wear a visor too. Let’s take a look at each NFC East Team and their prospects for 2014.

Author’s note: What is DVOA? You will note at the top of each team’s preview that their total, offensive, and defensive ‘DVOA’ are provided from the 2013 season. DVOA stands for “Defense-adjusted Value Over Average.”

Devised by the guys over at Football Outsiders, DVOA measures each play based on situation and quality of opponent. It then provides value for each team, with league average being 0%. It gives us a sense of which teams were good when it mattered over the course of the season. A positive offensive DVOA is good, and a negative defensive DVOA is good. For a full explanation, click here.

Some people are inclined to resist fancy, advanced statistics. Be not afraid of DVOA: think of it as a storytelling device. It is a tool to help us to tell the story of each team’s 2013 season. Because what is sports, if not for some great stories to be told, and what are stats, but another way to tell a story?

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